Screen Blurring when Switching Apps

When switching between Mondo and other apps using a double-click on the home button, I really like the privacy feature which blurs the screenshot. :lock:

However, I’ve noticed that when I enter multitasking (using a double-click the home button) with Mondo as the active app, the screen blurring does not occur. :cry:

This is not the case when I’m using another app, and then double-click the home button to switch back to Mondo. In this case, the Mondo screenshot is nicely blurred! :fog:

I’m running the latest version (1.5.2) on iOS.

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Think you answered your own question there. Its because it is the current active app. My Amex app also does the same as the Mondo app although NatWest blocks the app view if it was the current active app or not.

I personally don’t see it being an issue the way it currently is but thats my opinion.

Yup. From what I can tell, the app applies the blur when iOS no longer considers it the active application and backgrounds it. This is the point where iOS would normally just transition from showing active UI to a static image of the last known app state (including any updates performed by background app refresh, as a result of a content available push notification, etc).

I prefer it this way around as it hides exactly when the blur is applied (something that actually looks a little ugly and can be poorly performing when other animations such as the zoom out to the app switcher are running) and keeps everything clean looking to the user while maintaining a similar level of privacy.

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Interesting stuff! :thumbsup:

With my other banking application, it uses a screenshot of the application with the default logo (similar to the startup screen when launching Mondo) when switching from the active app. This seems like a nice way to ensure user privacy, but also avoiding the ugly design and poor performance that @RichardR mentioned.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has any thoughts on this? :thinking:

That seems like a more sensible approach. There’s nothing to gain from blurring the screen over the default logo.

I don’t like the blurred screen. My current bank does it too. Sometimes i want to note something down or have a quick look in another application and it blurs which is annoying and less secure cause I have to take a screen shot instead. It’s just inconvenient.

I can bring some light into this :flashlight:

First things first, the need of “locking” the app thumbnail comes from a security point of view. In order to offer a smooth app switcher iOS stores a screenshot of how every app looked before they were closed. Since those screenshots are not in control of our app (they happen at OS level) we don’t want to potentially compromise your data, so we hide it right before iOS takes the snap.

There are many ways of doing this. One would be the “1Password approach”, show a lock screen or splash screen just presenting the app icon or similar. This approach works best when the app has some sort of login, so every time you open it you accept that there’s a barrier.

The second approach (the current blur) comes from the idea that the app should always be accessible (like your email or Messages are) so when you switch apps you want at least to have a hint of what were you doing before switching apps (maybe you were checking a transaction, or a report, or talking with customer support) so when the app unblurs there’s not so much friction or jump from the “locked” screen to the actual app.

I appreciate is not ideal but it’s the best solution we imagined. Actually, after building it we realised that it’s exactly the same pattern Apple uses on their own iTunes Connect app… so I guess there’s not really too much room for improvement until iOS provides new/secure ways of dealing with this.