Hide app screen while multitasking

While in the app switcher on android (I do not use iOS so I could not tell you if it happens where or not) you are able to see all your personal information.

It should be hidden, that is the point of me having a fingerprint on the app, so people can not just read my information. The RBS app does this and I think it is a great idea.

Monzo app right now:

RBS app:

Additionally the RBS app does not allow screenshots in the app. It may be controversial for some but I think monzo should also disable screenshots in the app in case of an accidentally screenshot or something, or at least implement a feature that covers personal information when taking a screenshot.

Must admit I don’t want either of these suggestions. I find it irritating that when I’m sending stuff to my Natwest and check things like account details that I have to fully open the app to see my account and keep flicking back.


Is there not an android setting to disable screenshots? Sure I’ve seen people complain they can’t take a screenshot and have been told to change a setting

Yeah I do see your point. Maybe it could be a switchable option that is off by default?

It’s blank on iOS, for me.

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You know what, I actually think I need my eyes checked. There is an option for this already that I did not see. Thank you so much!