Blur effect for touch ID


I’ve just recently enabled the require Touch ID option in app and have a real problem with the blur effect. I don’t feel like it’s at all sufficiently secretive enough. I can still make out my balance and if I were an outsider familiar with certain logos I’m sure I could tell where I’d been spending my money too. Is there not another way around this? A static Mondo screen? My HSBC app just shows a logo on a grey background when using app switcher with that open.

(Ben King) #2

I was thinking this the other day as well. The blur doesn’t feel strong enough.


Yes, I noted this too. Should be fairly simple to sort once decision made on exactly what to replace the blur with.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I raised this with support a week ago, pointing out that it’s also possible to read & interact with the Intercom support chat pages before the touch Id prompt appears.

And as @hatimbt’s pointed out

which is something I’m still able to do.

@Sam responded to me in the chat so they’re definitely working on this & the last comment from :mondo:, that I’m aware of, was

Since this a security issue, you’d hope that this will be addressed in the next release. It’s been a while since the last release which might explain why it’s taking some time to fix.

(Josh) #5

We are aware of some of the issues with Touch ID at the moment, namely:

  • Intercom does not respect the touch ID blur (rendering it’s window above all others :crown: )
  • Tapping quickly can remove the blur and allow you to interact with the app for a second before the Touch ID prompt appears

We are working on fixing both of these with the latter being the higher priority.