Scrap the Graph


I too have no use for the graph. I fail to see its purpose other than to clog up the screen.

(Ben ) #105

Indeed I think a toggle would be useful. Right now the Graph doesn’t provide me with any real actionable data. It can be nice to look at for sure, but I can’t make decisions or actions based on it. So that questions its utility for me.

If there are features based on the graph - then surely a toggle should turn those off too…

(Jai Sullivan) #106



I’d take that as a lack of confirmation :wink:

More seriously, I don’t have a joint account, but don’t different colours help tell them apart?

(Jai Sullivan) #108

:joy: Desperate for a white pulse graph (if the graph has to stay, that is)

Yeap, it probably does help distinguish the two different accounts, but the white looks so better in my opinion. Really not a fan of the navy.

(Jason Scott) #109

Mine just appeared this morning it’s ruined the beauty and simplicity of the app.

(Jason Scott) #110

Morning just a quickie I’ve woken up this morning and there is now a horrible graph showing balance that is doing my OCD in :joy: can this be removed I can’t stand it!! Thanks in advance.image


Nope it can’t be removed

Welcome to Pulse


Monzo say they have plans for it in future

You learn to live with it :+1: but it does lack functionality

(Jason Scott) #114

Surely someone can add an option to remove it in app settings,pointless and ugly.


There’s already been a fair bit of discussion about this, see here

(Jason Scott) #116

Nice one - just checking it out now.


My biggest issue with Pulse is it not aligning to when I get paid

I.e it goes from the 1st to end of month but I get paid on the 17th so half way through it resets itself

(Jason Scott) #118

It’s something that I’ll never use and to keep seeing the wobbly line running across the top of the app looks like an etch a sketch failure.


You’re not alone :+1:

There was a christmas wish list thread where users voted on various features

Replacing Pulse came up quite high :joy:

I think it could be useful if direct debits were displayed, it knew when you were paid, it aligned with Summary so knew when you’d run out of money/ had money left etc etc etc


There’s some good ideas here

(Jason Scott) #121

Good to know I’m not alone - I hope they listen and at least give an option to remove.
Thanks for the link to other thread👌🏻

(Rich) #122

I’d echo that somewhat. As someone who is fortunate enough to have plenty money in my account, and never in my overdraft; this graph doesn’t add any value to understanding my finances to be honest. Like you said, it’s just a steadily downward trending line and that’s all it will ever be (for me).

I don’t feel like I need the space back for transactions, but rather something more useful there would be great. If there isn’t anything more useful, then just give the space back, maybe. Seems like having this graph is mostly useful for people who really need to see how long their money will last them month-to-month, so maybe only show it for accounts which aw relatively “tight” every month?

(Herp Derp) #123

scrap the graph

(Rich) #124

It’s unlikely. “Custom” User Interfaces are rearely used by the majority of users. The BBC have some research around this; typically it’s not a good use of engineering time becuse so few people would use it. Hense why I suggested a smarter approach where the UI adapts to dofferent thpes of users, showing it to people it’s actually useful for.

We’ve looked at custom UI options at my work too, and while they sound appealing when explained, it seems to be a concept that the majority of ordinary users just don’t understand, think about or “bother” to use.