✅ Scrap the Graph

Lets have another chat about it and decide what to do in June

Let’s have a vote. Then lets keep having votes until we get the required result. (If required result not achieved, I guess someone will have to resign.)


I believe at some point on the forum @hugo mentioned a re-evaluation of the pulse graph and its usefulness /added value was in order

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This feels reminiscent of the Apple Pay thread, but here’s my #ScrapTheGraph contribution.

There’s actually a bug on iOS where, when you scroll down your feed, the graph moves and has that little popup showing your balance on the day and total spent that day, but when you move to the top again it doesn’t go away until you tap randomly on the graph for a bit. When that overlay is showing, you can’t see your balance easily as it’s faded out.



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It sounds like updates to Pulse (aka The Graph) and Summary might come together (as was prophesied!):

I’m wondering if @vuokko is nearly ready to sneak peak - or whether it’ll all come as a wonderful surprise later in the year? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is the graph perfect? No.
Is it useful? Yes.

I use it frequently to navigate my past spending - it makes monitoring what I’ve spent and when so much easier.

I would be very disappointed if they nuked it entirely. A toggle switch would be fine, but I think it’s a shame people are so angrily demanding something be removed just because they don’t use it when others do.


Ohhh now this is interesting!

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Move the graph to the summary tab, with that circular thing that says how much I have left over for the month.

Both are useless at predicting my spending, so might as well bung it all together where I don’t have to see them all the time.


But it works side by side with your transactions list so necessarily needs to be on the same screen as that list.

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Only if you use it… :wink: #TeamToggle

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#toggleON :smiley:

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It works as an alternative scrolling mechanism, but if you don’t have regular income and expenditure patterns, then all it’s doing is (badly) guessing future balance levels based on random usage.

So for some people, this can mean it’s not really much use as a budgeting tool, and therefore not necessary to have taking up screen space.

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We may have voted to switch off the graph, but Monzo couldn’t decide exactly how to do it, so at the end of next week they’re just going to delete the whole app.



I really don’t think we have!

(No more voting, please :pensive:)

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The graph is crap and the summary is just as bad.

Shows I will run out of money and I have just been paid, doesn’t take into account pots or previous spending just what is in my main account.

#ScrapTheGraph #ToggleLife #NoExtension #WeNeedToggles #HashTag


Pulse - i don’t like and don’t see the point


I do like Summary. Yes there’s lots of ways it could be improved, but I have found the “you’re set to have XXX left over” at the end of the month instrumental in helping me to put aside more money at the end of the month into pots.

Even though it’s not 100% accurate, I find it underestimates how much I’ll have left at the end rather than overestimating, and so it keeps me on track day to day, helping to push me to not waste money on stuff.

I do put some money into pots at the start of the month, but I find that if I put away too much at the start, then I feel constantly on edge when I’m spending money day to day, so prefer instead to have a larger lump to work with throughout the month, and each day seeing e.g. “you’re set to have £50 left over” and thinking let’s see if I can push that up over the next few days to be £75 left over etc etc.

It feels like that way of budgeting has more of a positive effect on me as I am looking at the number I’m pushing up higher (to be saved at the end of the month) rather than the dwindling funds.


Have they scrapped the graph yet?

Can we also just take some time to appreciate the image below once again.


This is for Business Accounts I think

Also RIP nice clean feed 2016-2017 you were a delight to the eyes :crying_cat_face: