School fine for taking kids on holiday

Anybody been fined from the council because you have taken the kids out of school term time?

Received a letter with 7 days to pay… Awkward dates for me so couldn’t pay it nor can I pay the “double” threat.

Will I really have to go court for what I think is ridiculous?

Anybody had any experience

I seem to have a vague memory of a parent going to court to fight it and losing after a very long (and expensive) fight, so probably a good idea to pay it.
I assume they will have warned you beforehand about the fine?

I’ll update this if I find the story I’m thinking about :+1:

Edit - found it:

Thanks for the reply, yes they did to be fair but its totalled 480 all together which is just a joke but nobodys fault but my own I suppose

That does seem excessive. Perhaps speak to the school/council to negotiate a smaller fine or payment plan?

Can’t you claim your self isolating because of the Corona virus?


Lol wish I could. It was October when we took them away…

Yeah it was like talking to a brick wall mate

Was it a week away? How many children?
The amount of the fine seems insane.

£480 - ouch. That seems extreme. But “kids” - more than 1? And for how long?

We heard horror stories of the charges that could be applied. Since then, we submitted written requests directly to the headmaster to have time off for a pre-determined number of days well in advance of the absence. We’ve also provided a valid reason for the absence - limited time off work for parents, one-off chance, etc. That tactic has worked OK so far for us.

Week away…2 children - fine doubled if not paid within 7 days.

Well they’ve charged 240 for me and my wife so yh 480 it absolutely ridiculous

I don’t understand why the fine would be per parent. Per child makes sense.
It’s a shitty situation not gonna lie.

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Yeah it was a week away because of a family death so we just needed a change of scenery etc… Headteacher didn’t give a flying

That is heartless to say the least.

Because Nottingham Council are complete bells lol so in reality they want me to pay 190 council tax then 480 for a fine to the council? Mmmm really

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Were you not aware that you would be fined before you went?


Within 6 weeks it happens approximately… Heard nothing until last week… Assuming I’ll have to go court and look a peanut

Got stung with the Thomas Cook crap as well so paid double for the same holiday but that’s another story.

So with 5 school days involved, this equates to £24 per child, per day if paid within 7 days - which then doubles to £48 pc,pd if paid from day 8 onward?

Not enough notice. Even cut-throat private car park operators and clamping companies give more time to raise the funds needed to pay - either them, or a solicitor…

Simply outrageous. The County Council should give at least 30 days notice to account for the next (usual) pay cycle for such a charge. Is this the first time you’ve pulled the kids out of school?

Yes mate. First time ever both got full attendance. Totally agree 7 days notice to pay this fine is out of order but what am I supposed to do? Can’t appeal against it because itll be a court fine soon

I’d write a personal letter directly to the council first, explaing your circumstances and why the short-timeframe doesn’t consider said circumstances in a fair and reasonable manner. Be nice though.

A sincere reply with facts - and possible follow-up letters - may (a) help wipe the charge (b) delay it enough to raise the funds (c ) drag it on enough for the council to give up.

Or so I’m told…

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Good shout. Il get on it tomorrow morning

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