Have you been furloughed?

I have to honest I didn’t even know what furlough exactly meant before this crisis but now not only fully versed I am actually been put on this from next week.

I know it will be very tough because our living costs are not really going change and the employer decided to only pay the Government maximum of £2500. I know some employers are topping up to make the difference so employees don’t lose much being on furlough.
I have written to our managing agent to request a temporary reduction in rent and they actually acknowledged very quickly that I am not alone in this and they will definitely put a strong argument for us to the landlord. We are also trying to manage all the other out-goings very closely and just hoping this all will be over in a couple of months.

On top of all this, finding it tough to manage metal health.

So, if you like me been put on furlough scheme how are finding it and managing it?

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good luck and try and keep positive, set yourself a routine and try and stick to it , exercise also helps with my outlook on life , this pandemic will end :+1:


My wife lost her job in February and due to self isolating before the lockdown hasn’t been able to find anything new yet.

I’ve been on furlough since March 23. I’m on 80% of my full pay, and with only a few minor adjustments to my outgoings I’m coping just fine.

Staying busy with jobs around the house and keeping sharp with learning a few work-related things. I’ve also reluctantly become the wife’s tea boy while she’s working from home.

Hate to admit it, but I’m kind of enjoying being furloughed.


The government will only cover a max of £2,500 per employee, I know that mortgages can have a payment holiday, and I also believe it is illegal for people to be evicted during 3 months from 23 March (depending on how long this goes on for), I know the Scottish government have down so.

Will there be a way to check if an employer claims furlough but doesn’t pay it?

HMRC would know as it’s paid through payroll

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My employer is forcing me to use my full holiday entitlement. Which I know is allowed.

But they wanted me to agree to take the holidays before they agree to arrange furlough
I’ve been off work since the start of lockdown, and under the impression I was furloughed. However I was only told about the holidays this week!