How is everyone?

How is everyone doing? Have you been furloughed? Is your company paying the extra 20%? The almighty Tim Martin obviously is not for me :eyes:

Still waiting for HMRC to sort me out, hopefully sometime this month/early next month (self employed).

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That sucks buddy have you tried universal credit as a temporary opinion?

Did you pre-register already?

To be honest I couldn’t be bothered. For the small amount, and the time it takes, I thought I’d just wait it out. Luckily I have my income tax pot that I can dip into and replace once I get the grant but I’m sure there will be others out there struggling.

I have checked if I am eligible, and it says I am. I have also provider my email and phone number to be alerted when I can claim which is next week. If that’s what you mean?

Yea I can claim on the 15th apparently, rest of my mates are having a competition to see who goes first :rofl:

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I can claim on the 13th :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well I did apply and I got £400 two days later as an advance which helped massively give it a go

Go to hell :rofl:

Sorry bro :joy:

Speech on Sunday, I’m going with possibly schools opening again and that’s about it…what do you guys think?

I’m really not sure :thinking: I just hope they open to much to fast and we all end up in the same situation :pensive: I think maybe allow people to visit households. But still no gathering outside no parks beaches nothing like that! It would be so much easier to track infections that way

I’m going to guess that the cleaner’s from the division will start working from Sunday


Got to keep those Rikers at bay.


Man I’ve killed Joe Ferro so many times!

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I’m fine, Working from home for a bank, doing tech support

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I really doubt we’ll hear anything about schools opening again before September. Maybe a wider definition of who is allowed to send their kids to school, but to be honest, I think even that is a stretch.

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Was hoping the kids were back as they are doing my swede in lol

Same boat in thinking about things going too fast.
In my eyes it would hard to stand there and say right we are out of lockdown but these measures are in place…cant see it working for Brits.

We can hardly follow a soft lockdown!

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That’s the same reason I’m hoping nurseries are going to open soon lol. How old are yours?