Refund foreign currency

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I paid for my wifes visa fees via UK Gov website and Worldpay. I am expecting a refund due to making an error on the application, and was advised the money would be credited back within 28 days. This was communicated to me on 7th July 2022.

I understand the 28 working days have not passed, but I paid the fees in a foreign currency. This currency has weakened significantly and I am now anxious that my refund amount will be less than what I paid for it in GBP. Can someone let me know how this would be handled? I am hoping to get the full amount I paid back in GBP.

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Unfortunately you’ll get the current exchange rate when it settles.

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You’ll get back what you paid. Would you expect less if the exchange had changed in your favour?

@Revels Get back what I paid in GBP or the foreign currency? Sorry if i seem like a noob, just the guy above posted a different answer

thank you for the response, I was hoping this wouldnt be the case and if get back what i spent in gbp.

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the end transaction was in the foreign currency, so they will refund you in the foreign currency. It’s not their problem how you paid, just that you get back (in the currency you paid) what you paid.

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@lazafila how long did it take for your refund to be processed by the way? I know the government say 28 days from the point your refund request is accepted, so it would be good to get an idea how long it took you?

My wife is in the same situation with her visa. To give you an idea of how utterly incompetent and idiotic our government is, she needs to prove she can speak English to get the visa. She has a degree in teaching English and French, so she can literally teach kids to speak English. Usually you’d be able to use your degree as proof of language knowledge, however because her course wasn’t taught entirely in English (as it was both English and French) it’s not accepted.

She had to pay to take an English test (which she passed with flying colours) and we’ve had to resubmit the application. We just have no idea when we’ll get the thousands of pounds back from the old one.

Hi bud,

Sorry to hear of the hoops you had to jump through, its so draining.

I got my IHS and VIsa fee refund after 27 working days. In that time I had no email from the home office to give me any assurances.

I got in touch with my local MP who worked some magic and a couple of days later I got the full refund.

I got considerably less as the currency i paid in went down against the pound. I also had to pay £10 to escalate my refund claim via email/phone. They dont offer a free service to even contact them!

Best of luck with the application for your wife, mine has her biometrics appointment tomorrow.

I mean I’m disappointed but not at all surprised.

Thanks for replying though, this is all really useful to know. I’ll probably drop my MP a line about this too. I’m not expecting them to do anything about this, but nothing will ever change in the future if nobody’s putting pressure on them to sort it out.

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