4 day bank holiday weekend

4 days off work for the long bank holiday weekend with some nice warm weather :sunny: At first I was like…

Then I remembered that we’re on lockdown :sob:

What has everyone got planned? I need some inspiration for things to do #staysafe :pensive:


I’m not working, so staying in and avoiding people. Pretty much like last Easter tbf


I’ll be trying to keep two young boisterous children under control around the house. Might pop out to a stop and some exercise.

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I don’t work Mondays or Fridays and my husband takes bank holidays in lieu, so it’s pretty much a standard weekend for us. We’ll be out in the garden most of it.

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I’ve got myself a new BBQ so will be putting that to good use

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Taken a few days annual leave so I can have more than the weekend off :tada:

Going to tidy the garden and spend some time with the kids. Might see how much paint I have in the shed and get a room done

Local council have backtracked on their “no garden waste bin collections during the crisis” policy and will be doing a one-off collection on Tuesday - so this weekend I will be obliterating my garden.

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That’s a smart move by the council.

Meh ours haven’t. Tip still shut indefinitely too… Currently they’re trying to warn people not to start bonfires either. Not very joined up thinking IMO.

Was planning on plenty of R and R.
But unfortunately, one of my colleagues has just gone into self isolation, so now covering for them at work.

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Just received my monthly Google Timeline update for March, which shows where I’ve been.
Not the longest update… 9 ‘places’ - one of them a relative’s house we visited prior to government travel advice and the other 8 appear to be around my house :man_shrugging:

Probably put the tent up in the garden and live in there for the weekend. Something different at least.

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Duck tape and zip ties will sort those boisterous kids right out :joy::joy::joy:

My Dad did a huge amount of weeding and garden clearance the other day, only to discover that his council have cancelled all garden waste collections for the rest of the year.

Actually, there’s a little known reason that 1930’s houses were built with a cupboard under the stairs.


Yeah ours was also stopped without prior warning, and a lot of people wrote in complaining that they had bins full of food and garden waste that was now going to sit in the bin, potentially for months. Glad they saw sense and set up a one-off to empty all the bins before summer.

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Does everyone get a garden waste collection? We have a food waste in a brown bucket but garden waste we have to bring to the tip ourselves. Since I don’t drive it’s just chucked in the corner of the garden

We have general rubbish (landfill), dry mixed recycling (but not glass) and garden waste. No food waste collection though, so that goes to landfill. I figure of all the stuff I put in landfill, food waste probably isn’t so bad.

Although now we own our own home (try saying that 5 times fast) I’m going to experiment with a compost heap.

EDIT: collections are fortnightly with landfill and recycling on alternate weeks. Garden waste collected with recycling in summer months. Garden waste has been suspended here.

It used to be free for us so we have a bin. Then they decided to charge for collections, something like £50 per year. :-1:

We’ve got:

  • Black bin - general waste - every two weeks
  • Blue bin - paper/card - every two weeks (four weeks during lockdown)
  • Brown bin - plastic/metal/glass - every four weeks
  • Green bin - food/garden - every week (not being collected during lockdown)

Stockport is pure luxury.

Green bin - general waste fortnightly
Blue bin - paper, plastics and glass fortnightly
Brown food caddy - fortnightly

No collections have been cancelled at the moment