I love taxes!

Ordered something from Canada for the first time since we left the EU, total value including postage and VAT was $105CAD (so £62ish)

Just been notified the customs charge is £51.89… Plus a handling fee… Plus a delivery fee

God bless Brexit!


I mean, I hate Brexit too, but are you sure this is a Brexit thing?

AFAIK there have always been taxes and charges involved with this kind of goods movement. I’m pretty sure if you tried to import the same thing to the EU you’d land at a very similar result.


No, its a cock up on HMRC’s behalf, they’ve taxed me the wrong amount on it.

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So not Brexit :melting_face:


I mean, realistically if more items coming into the UK are being subject to charges since we aren’t in the EU VAT area anymore, it means mistakes like this are going to happen more.

You would have incurred these charges no matter what unfortunately.
And as for VAT, even when we were in the EU, the UK set it’s own VAT rates (as do all EU countries)

Although, I do think that customs charges for goods from the USA and Canada are possibly higher than from some other countries.

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Yeah I know I was always going to pay some charges but not £10 more than the actual item…

The item on its own is only $69.99 (£41) so how can the VAT be £51.89

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Possibly VAT and customs duty, but still sounds a bit high.
Plus VAT and customs duty is charged on the total price
(Price of the goods, postage and packing, insurance)

Ah wait my bad, I should have said it a bit better, the Import Duty is £1.88, the VAT is the £51.89, then there’s a £12 handling fee (Delivery fee I’ve realised is free if its not for delivery tomorrow)

When will this country just accept it was a mistake to vote ourselves out of Canada?


That was good, that was good :rofl: :rofl:

A good old rant about Brexit that has absolutely nothing to do about Brexit :laughing:

How much SHOULD the duty be by your calculations (I assume you worked it out because you said it is a cock up)?

Nah HMRC told me when I rang them

Said it should just be 20% of the total item value including postage and local VAT

It don’t take a genius to figure out it isn’t 20%

I loved the extra £150 I had to pay to import a car part from Greece that I wouldn’t have had a year prior :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The VAT rules in both the UK and EU state that the Canadian retailer should really have charged the appropriate (UK) VAT rate at the point of sale for an order of that size.

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They did, but for some reason I got charged once it was on this side of the pond as well.

As others have said, nowt to do with Brexit. Unless Canada sneaked into the EU while I wasn’t looking.

established that 3 days ago :slight_smile: