Scheduled payments to Joint Account?

Anyone know if I can do a Scheduled payment into the JA yet?
Not convinced that I should be doing a “bank transfer”!

Yes you can, It’s a current account like any other in functionality.

Why are you not convinced about bank transfer? I have done few and all good tbh.

It’s just a normal bank account with its own sort code and account number linked to two customers. It’s just missing a few monzo features. Other than that fully functioning!

Because there is a “Move money between Monzo accounts” option, just it doesn’t support recurring.
Also, if it’s like a normal bank transfer, then there may be costs involved to Monzo (based off other threads).

That is for moving funds from your individual current account to joint or vice-versa. You can go to bank transfer option to set schedule payments as you would have done on your sole account.

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