Account transfer scheduled payments

I’ve had a solo account with monzo for years, but we just moved our joint account over too. So far, it seems to have gone without a hitch, but I noticed that I’m missing some info.
All of my direct debits etc seem to have moved, but I don’t have a date for payment or how much will be taken (I know this may vary, but indicative values would be useful), and of course my old bank account has been closed, so I can’t check there.

As I understand it, this information is not available to Monzo until such time as they initiate the first debit. It’s not passed as part of the CASS to my knowledge.


Oh shame, that sounds likely.

Yep, once the first DD has been taken you can set it as a regular scheduled payment. There are some options for frequency too - we have a couple of memberships which renew annually for example, and you can set that option so it’s not being predicted every month.

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