Scammed and chat not replying


I have recently had a lodger at my house who has watched me log into my online banking and when I was asleep has used this to send money to himself. When its come time to pay my electric the £90 had been moved from my savings pot and send to himself clear as day when I was asleep. I have reported this to the police and tried getting my money back/assistance via monzo chat. As nice as they have been I feel they are not taking me serious and I am genuinally thinking of making a claim elswhere with monzo.

How do i get my money back and some assistance?

Been a customer many years and this is not the only issue I have had with monzo but the only one I have had to report due to my financial situation and the police not doing anything.

Any help appreciated.

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All you can do is wait and see if Monzo believe your story.

Then if/when they deny refunding you the money, you can take it to the ombudsman.


This shouldn’t have been possible as to send a payment you need to enter a PIN number or use TouchID/FaceID

Did they see this entire process?

I’m not saying you’re lying and you’re likely not, it’s difficult to prove it wasn’t you


I feel your best hope is a goodwill gesture from Monzo. The onus is on you to ensure your PIN is kept safe and secure (which would be needed to move the money).


So they gained access to your phone whilst you were asleep, bypassed any face/fingerprint/PIN lock that may exist on the phone, logged into Monzo, transferred money from your savings pot and then transferred that money to themself using your Monzo card PIN?

I can see why Monzo are taking their time, but as has been stated by others, your only approach is to wait.

I hope the lodger has been kicked out at least!