Fraud / scammers


I just want to say thank you to Monzo for helping me this past week. I am truly grateful to the whole team for helping me with my case. I appreciate it so much.

I got scammed just under a week ago out of a ALOT of money (everything I had)! This has affected my mental health really badly and I’m writing this to put out my story to make others aware that this can happen to ANYONE.

I got a call from ‘Barclays’ claiming my bank has been compromised & someone in Birmingham has tried to use it 3 times (I don’t live there). The scammer knew my full name , full address, mother’s maiden name , how many bank accounts I had (savings etc). He was very persuasive hence why I fell for it. He led me to believe he was making a new ‘sort code & account’ for me so that my money was safe. I was hesitant so I transferred some money into my Monzo account to be safe. But again he outsmarted me by saying ‘my balance needs to be mirrored otherwise my ‘new sort code / account’ won’t activate. PLEASE PLEASE NEVER send money to anyone. Learn from my mistake. They are very convincing. He had an answer for every question I had.!!!

If the bank ever calls you, HANG UP. And directly call yourself through the APP!
The bank will never call you to tell you to move money EVER. This has had a massive affect on my mental health as well as my trust with things. I’m so paranoid and was so depressed. Please if you ever go through this, speak to someone, anyone. Don’t go through this alone. - better yet HANG UP on the fake callers!

I’m so grateful to the Monzo team.


How long did it take you to get through to customer services and how did you do it?

I contacted Monzo through the app chat. It took 6 days for me to get their decision x

Wow six days from beginning to end and to get your money back?

That is fast, well done Monzo


Try not to be too hard on yourself, it’s a worrying situation and they are very convincing.

I’m glad you got it all back.


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Glad you got this sorted Rebecca, sorry to hear about the pain you went through and props to Monzo for sorting it out so swiftly

A nice counterpoint to grumbles elsewhere


Thank you to everyone’s nice comments.

To ‘Chris’ I’m sorry you’ve been having issues but please don’t take it out on my situation or other people in this.

I recommend you chat to Monzo via the App. It’s no ones fault here and there’s no point passing the blame or putting your anger out to everyone else. Have a nice day


I always think that it’s rather nice that Monzo’s investors support these huge repayments. Gives me a warm feeling and restores my faith in humanity. Thanks guys :clap:


Obviously one would rather they not have to, from a purely financial point of view, but we cannot separate that from the individuals unfortunately caught up in these scams

We can all be more aware, and learn from this, but those genuinely tricked deserve the protection

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Okay folks, I’ve removed so many off topic posts.

@Beccahoangx, really sorry to hear about your problems but I’m glad it’s all been sorted.

Let’s keep this back on topic as I (somewhat apprehensively) reopen the thread.


This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

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I used to work on helping people with things like this bank-side. I’m normally the one that warns friends about this stuff.

And yet the other day I got a text from PayPal saying my account was suspended due to a large number of transactions. I pushed the button and actually started filling in the form before realising I wasn’t even on the PayPal website and the text was the scam. Honestly I think it was only chance I didn’t go though with logging in.

So yeah it can happen to everyone unfortunately. These people know what they are doing


It really can! I’d like to think of myself as someone who wouldn’t fall for this sort of thing, but back before corona I had an email in my inbox from one of the directors at the company I work at simply asking for some help with something.

I naturally replied saying, yes sure. They then replied asking me to buy a large value of gift cards. It was only at that point that I checked the email address the email had come from and whilst the name shown by Outlook was correct, the email address behind it was a scammer.

People must fall for this stuff all the time, I had no suspicions at all until they asked me to buy gift cards.

I think this is a surprisingly common scam. I’ve definitely heard of it working in the past.

It can’t be said often enough that these scams don’t work because people are stupid, it because the scammers are good at what they do.