I was scammed about flat

Hi, I’ve been scammed and robbed, I have evidence and I’ve been to the police, the person was supposed to rent a flat to me, we signed a contract, the person got a deposit + rent everything was fine, then she started to scheme so I wanted my money back from her and the contact was broken, the case is pending, can I get my money back?

Sorry to hear about your experience.

Maybe you might get your money back if you end up going to court? (I’m not a lawyer).

If the question is can Monzo refund you, then it’s unlikely, I think, unless you paid by card. (I’m not a Monzo employee).

Might be worth asking in the app and giving them all the details.


This is between you and the person you signed the contract with. Nothing to do with Monzo.


The person turned out not to be real and it was a scam over the internet the money was sent to the scammer

Tell monzo but don’t hope for a refund.

Report to action fraud.

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You need to contact Monzo through the in-app chat. If you can find the payment in your feed and touch the ‘something wrong? get help’ option at the bottom of the transaction screen that would be the best way to get in touch. Otherwise search the help for fraud or contacting support.

(The reason you need to contact Monzo in-app is because most of us here on the community are customers, not Monzo staff. And even if Monzo staff see this, they can’t discuss any specific issues about your account in a public forum.)


I reported these transfers on the app as scam, I don’t speak enough English to call Monzo the chat I had open with support has disappeared

If you go to the help section, search for “Contact” and press “Contact Us” then after answering a few questions, your chat history will be there.

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