Scam or not a scam

Received this text from Bulb. I moved from Bulb to another provider in December 2020. Does the community think this text is authentic or a scam? BTW I had received my final bill all was paid by DD & in fact they had to pay me as I was in credit

I think it’s legit,

But I would manually browse to bulb and login to check your account instead of clicking.

That URL just redirects to the sign in page for an account when typed. Obviously I don’t know where it goes when selected from the text message but I’m a bit skeptical

If in doubt, don’t trust it and do it the manual way by checking the website yourself (or give them a ring).

The above advice is best :point_up:

I had a look and that URL is legit, although it could take you somewhere else when you click it. So better safe than sorry, log into your account manually or call them as mentioned above.

:point_up: :point_up: As above and above, plus - don’t ever use any of the contact information in an untrusted text, IM or email. Go to the actual/real company website and use those details to get in contact. Never respond to the untrusted item.

Thanks for the replies. As mentioned above the links could redirect. I’m not alone in that we all receive these texts. However bear in mind the text merely states hi with no personalisation and my account was closed as I moved my supply and they owed me money so my initial thought was this is definitely a scam. However on checking with Bulb it was a genuine text and they had some how merged my details with another account holder who hadn’t arranged his payment details which in itself is worrying. As advised by you all these texts etc must be checked out and never click on them. However, Bulb IMO has been negligent in their use and should be if nothing else making them a bit more personalised. Thanks for the responses everyone.

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They could at least put your postcode in the text.

It reminds me of a text I received some years ago which basically said “Don’t click links in text messages. Click here to find out more.”


Something bulb and Monzo have in common then…