Just received this unsure if it’s legit?

Scam. Can’t see them sending it by text and not in app chat

Send a message in app and ask if they sent it

If they call before then then don’t answer

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Ok will do.

Thank you.


Always assume it’s a fraud.

Looking at that, I’d definitely assume it’s a fraud. That could be from anyone and doesn’t fit anything I’ve ever heard from Monzo about the way they will contact us.

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Oh no, not the doggos!

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well you will normally see any transactions on your account anyways that’s a big giveaway there

On the “not-fraud” side - at least the telephone numbers are correct (from ). On the “screams fraud” side - “monzo” is not capitalised and the fact there’s in-app notifications and in-app help they could use to contact you with. It is theoretically possible that somebody has also got access to your login and so Monzo can’t contact you via the app without alerting the fraudster - but it’s unlikely they’ve done that for many reasons. If you have any doubts, contact Monzo directly yourself via in-app chat, or via the number on their website or the number on the back of your card - even though the text message gave the correct number, don’t trust it “just in case”.

Are you saying the numbers in that text are the real ones? If so, how will this scam work exactly, if the user has no way to actually talk to the scammers?

Read the text again basically it’s saying they’ll ring off that number shortly which is the official Monzo number, numbers can be spoofed easily so when the call comes through people can think they’re talking to the real company

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My guess is that either the Scammers have spoofed the number, which is apparently easy to do, so it appears to be from the same number.

Or they have a number that is almost identical, and rely on people not looking closely before they answer.

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Also to point out - it’s good to question everything you see on these kinds of scams - a few things scream out at me:

The obvious as already mentioned:

  • They won’t text you.
  • Improper grammar.
  • The text is also “from” monzo, which is easily spoofed.

Less Obvious:

  • Use of “Agent” - I’ve never seen or hear Monzo call their support staff that. (or for that matter, “unique helpline”)
  • The “Calling from abroad” number - why would this be there in a text from support? As you are not calling them, the “abroad” reference is irrelevant. It tries to gain legitimacy by using a known number, but the ‘real’ support team wouldn’t phrase things like that.
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No, no, NO.

This is 100% a scam. It’s unhelpful - irresponsible, even - to even entertain there might be a ‘not-fraud’ side. Especially when you’re applying precisely the completely wrong kind of argument that gets people falling for scams.

The scam doesn’t ask you to call the numbers, they say they’ll be calling you. It’s offensively easy to spoof numbers. You should not rely on your phone saying “Caller is X” as proof that any caller is who they say they are, especially with banking.

The scammer is going to call the user. That’s how it works. The user isn’t calling anyone. The text message is priming the user for the scam.


An idea would be to send a text when users join monzo that you’ll only get contacted via in app chat, that way when a scam text from ‘monzo’ is spoofed it should hopefully be in the chat under the warning.

Although if you regularly get SMS codes for 3DS it will quickly get lost.

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