Phishing Scams

So I just got this one from some fraudsters pretending to be EE.


Be careful if you get anything like this and always check the URL.

Is it worth having a thread for posting stuff like this so we know what to look out for in case friends/family get any suspicious messages? If so, here’s a thread!


Sneaky way of putting URL for someone not fully confident in domains !

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If you get a text you think is fraudulent you can report them to your mobile operator by forwarding the message for free to: 7726 (spells SPAM) on the old dial pads.
They will then investigate and share info with other operators.


Site even looks legit only thing that looks off is the 2016 bottom left


This is a really well put together site, it even knows if you put silly card numbers, after it just goes back to the legit EE site


That’s so worrying how many people would fall for that !


I’m surprised Google and Apple haven’t implemented a spam filter for things like this similar to email. Google’s spam block for phone calls works surprisingly well, so does their email spam detection - this seems like the logical next step.

Interesting read, related to the original post: