Smishing message received about replacement card

I received a text today saying that a replacemement card has been requested to be sent to a different address. It has a link to click if I want to cancel the order as I haven’t made this request (I did make the same request about 2 months ago but already received the replacement card fine). Is there anywhere I can check this and arrange in the monzo app to cancel? I do not want to click on the link unless I know it is legit.

Hi @Mini this doesn’t sound like a text we send out!

Please do not click the link and instead get in touch with us via the app to report the message. We’ll usually only contact you via the app, and we won’t ask you to click on a link via text like this.


It’s probably not legit - Monzo will contact you in the app if necessary. You should be able to see in the app if a card is due (it’ll at least show “Activate replacement card” in the feed). Please feel free to DM me a copy of the SMS message (including the link), and I’ll report it to the various entities to have it blocked/taken down.