Move Contactless until Chip & PIN to more convenient location in app

Apologies if anybody has already suggested this, I did a search but I couldn’t find anything quite the same as this.

Following the imposition of the new £100 contactless limit, I am finding myself very aware of what my contactless limit is, so that I can choose the time and place when I enter my PIN to reset the limit.

At the moment, viewing it is a long process. I have to do:

Front page > Manage > scroll down to bottom of page > Spending and card limits > Scroll down to bottom of page > Contactless until Chip & PIN.

I am doing this usually at least once a day and the long journey is a bit of a pain.

I was wondering if this limit could be displayed on the front page, or a shortcut to the limit.


Yeah just checked and it’s no faster to go to help and type in limits either.

Wonder where it could go.

Top of the limits page would be a start.


Manage button under card > limits and allowances and it’s right there

That’s with this weeks test flight settings menu changes


Same on :android:

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Right there at the top? It’s just that for some people it’s a daily check, and there’s a bit of avoidable scrolling to be done.

First option group

That’s an improvement. :+1: I’m on the vanilla iOS app. Maybe I need to update…I’ll be back.

I didn’t even know they had added this. I’m still on the old nav and the card limits are right at the bottom of the screen requiring scrolling to see the chip and PIN countdown. Card limits at the top, then ATM, then inbound and outbound seems much more logical.

Having said that I can’t see me repeatedly going through so many taps of the app just to find that in order to preempt the faff of having to try contactless and being told to insert the card. Some kind of push message when you get below a (preferably configurable) limit would be good.

It’s scroll > tap > scroll > tap for me now.

I did get a push notification once for this. I suspect it’s when your limit gets down to £30.

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Yes, you get a message telling you to use chip and pin next time

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Thanks @Rat_au_van and @Anarchist - must never have got down to that kind of level :slight_smile:

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My wife has had a couple of instances of panicking when her card is rejected for this reason and English isn’t her first language. Could there be a banner item saying next transaction needs be chip and pin or something else that’s a bit more obvious than the current set up? Notifications are so easy to miss or get lost amongst others.

I know this isn’t a direct solution to what you’ve asked but the most convenient way around this is to get her to use Apple or Android Pay on her phone (if available). It’s more secure than the physical card and there’s no limit before using chip and pin again. Also works above £30 in some stores.

Yeah, I’ve been saying that, maybe now she accidentally walked out of the shop without paying for something she’ll start it!

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Is there any way of resetting the limit within the app, like there is with the likes of Revolut?

No. There has been discussion but Monzo believe this isnt allowed under the legislation