Contactless until chip and pin


Am I going crazy?

I’m sure I used to see this under account - limits & allowances.

First time I’ve looked for ages but can’t find it there (or anywhere else)

Running latest android beta


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On iOS it’s the ‘Account’ button under the image of my card then the ‘Limits’ option from there.

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Yes, that’s where I’m looking. And I’m sure it “used” to be there!

Try searching in help for limits, there should be a deep link to the page.

Thanks, that doesn’t bring up anything close :frowning:

For me, the ‘Contactless until Chip & PIN’ limit is shown in my/our Joint Account ‘Limits’
But it isn’t shown in my/our Personal account limits.

Weird. Although I have brought this up before.

EDIT: here’s the before;

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Maybe its because i recently added a business account? still not right though

It shows Left to spend before chip and pin in the business account, just not on the current account

Appears in “Limits and Allowances” as normal for me.

Not showing in Limits section for me either on Android. I have Limits section, but that isn’t on it anymore

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Just got a response from in app chat in a timely fashion. Sadly they can’t offer anything more than ‘delete app and reinstall’

Sadly that doesn’t fix it

It is showing under the ‘limits and allowances’ section for me too.

Android user with a joint and business account if that makes a difference :man_shrugging:

Thanks. Are you also running the beta??

It’s showing for me too, on the latest Android beta.

But I don’t have a business account.

Yeah I am :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Issue has been passed to a specialist!

New beta app update today. I had high hopes it might fix the issue, but sadly not.

Any ideas how long it might take to hear back from the specialist?

I don’t think anyone could say as it varies depending on what the issue is and what the backlog is like :slightly_frowning_face:

This is a new and strange issue that seems to only be affecting a small number of people. Pinpointing the cause may be quite difficult as they’ll need to try and replicate it first.

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