Reset “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA) limit in app?

As per title.

Prevent unwanted surprises at merchants who don’t yet support contactless + PIN.


No, I don’t think so. That post seems massively wordy and I don’t really follow but what I’m looking for is a manual reset.

I think this is the post that’s relevant here:

The point being that you have to tie the “reset” of the contactless limit to a payment and with card in possession.


Interesting. Can it be a cardholder not present payment?

@Rat_au_van was commenting on your ‘Prevent unwanted surprises at merchants who don’t yet support contactless + PIN.’

That post is about making a button in the app that you can press if the merchant/device doesn’t support it, so you can try again within 15mins.

Revolut have just implement what you are asking for but it isn’t really following the SCA rules by not proving you are in possession of the card when you tap the app.

Franky the whole thing is ridiculous. On par with cookie notices on websites.

At this point, you can either make your next payment via Chip & PIN, or tap on the notification and reset your limit from the Revolut app (you will need to enter your PIN, or using fingerprint/face ID)


So far so Revolut!

I did recently get an account with them, but trust them about as far as I can throw them


True the rules do allow contactless+pin but this isn’t currently widely adopted and is this requires the pin terminals to be updated which is out of Curve’s control. At the moment most terminals will try to authorise a contactless transaction, fail and ask for you to insert your card, by which time you will have probably already put it back in your wallet. If the normal app use to check transactions can reset the SCA limits then most people would never have to be bothered by it.

I wonder if Monzo could get around this by using NFC when resetting in the app to prove you have the card in a similar fashion to activation.

Doesn’t help with the “bring tired to payment initiation” aspect though but then I don’t pretend to know much about this :sunglasses:

I’ve since looked through the rules and can’t find anything to say you can’t explicitly reset in the app to confirm you have control of the card and it hasn’t been nicked/lost.

I posted recently here about it if you dare to follow that thread. I think the Monzo staff have got weirdly got annoyed at me for pointing out the legacy banks haven’t actually implemented SCA yet so I’m not holding out on them replying again.

If you want a quick summary of my stance I made this post too

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I think where it landed was… if you are really against mobile payments, and the thought of -shock horror - contactless saying decline and you having to redo it by chip and pin really bothers you THAT much :scream: , then just use chip and pin exclusively.

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