Not able to activate the new contactless card

I was excited to receive a new contactless card. But when I tried to activate through the app, I couldn’t see any option to complete activation. Anyone else was successful with activating a new card???

Did you manage to activate it manually?

Go to the accounts tab, click on your card and click activate or activate your replacement

Tried your suggestions. But no luck. I don’t see any screen with option to activate a card.

Should look like this, with activate card on the right.

If not then maybe it’s activated already, or something has gone wrong, I’d suggest contacting support.

Is this your first or replacement card?

My screen is something different.

It is a replacement card.

Ah, I think you need to click freeze, and then there might be the option there,

Is the card number showing in the app your old one or new one.

Didn’ work either. Waiting to hear back from support team :roll_eyes:


One last thing, click account (in your screenshot) under the card, and then scroll down and see if there’s a section about your card order.

My beta version doesn’t have most of these features.

Please keep in mind this is in the Monzo USA secton.

If you send a help request on chat I believe they can send you a deep link to activate the card

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If it’s replacement card it might come activated already

You are right. Support team sent a link which helped activate the card.