Savings pots suggestions

Hey Monzo,

I would really like to see customise save the change pots.

E.g I got a uber today for and my total uber was £3.12 I would love to add the option to save the remaining change 88p into my saving pot.

Or be able to customise the pots to be able to add Transport in for save the change or bills ect to round up change.

You can already do this. On the pot setting you can enable round ups :slight_smile:

I’ve got enable round up set up on my savings pot. However it don’t cover transport for when get uber taxis or buses.

Round ups cover all card based transactions.

We don’t have Uber here so I can’t be certain, but is Uber one of the companies that places a hold on the amount due? Meaning roundups happen later?

It should do. It works for transport for me.


Transaction is still pending, says so at the bottom.

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Pretty sure Round Ups should work while a transaction is still pending.

This issue sounds like a bug to me.


Is your main balance higher than £10? (Not including pots.)

Yes my main balance is over £10.

This is going to sound trivial, but can you just check that round up is still switched on?

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Yup and used it fine this morning it’s only uber it don’t work on. I’ve got a uber this morning and the same thing happened.

Is this where Uber charge less than £1 when you book and amend the value once your ride is over?


Id use the in app chat to get the :monzo: team to have a look at it :wink:

Don’t think there’s any need to open a chat, @Kumnaa has accurately explained what happens.

The tl;dr version:

Uber put a £1 authorisation on when you book
After the ride this is amended to the actual charge

The round up only works on the initial feature and not amendedments.

It’s also why if you buy something in a foreign currency that your account balance can end up a little off of the settled amount is different.


Thanks all for you help!

It sorted itself out, today when I checked my uber fair it rounded up the change. I think it’s because the amount was pending via uber.

Thanks again everyone for your help :blush: