Savings Pot Round up not working

Hi All

i created a savings pot on the 13th May with Round up Transactions selected. i used my card to buy fuel for £58.02 on the 20th May but i havent seen the roundup appear in the savings pot? any ideas why it would be missing/not working?


Did you pay at pump??

If you paid at pump that would account for it; the auth transaction would’ve been too low to trigger any round-up, and when a transaction is authed at one amount and later settled at the final amount - as pay at pump transactions are - the round-up isn’t able to be applied to the final amount.

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Hi Tony yes mate

Nick, so if I paid at the Kiosk it would of been ok?

Yep, paying at the kiosk would have resulted in round-up working just fine. It’s only pay-at-pump that uses the authorisation/adjust method of payment.