Round up transactions and deposit difference into a pot

I was reading an article on Outside Online about saving money for trips ([]) and thought this would be a cool little hack.

The writer suggest that a good way to save is to round up your debit purchases and to deposit the difference into a saving pot.’ I use [Bank of America’s Keep the Change feature], which rounds up change on purchases from my debit card and deposits those leftovers into my travel savings account. Some months, I accumulate up to $50 extra just from this one savings hack.’


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Hi Billy. Monzo already have this feature, if i understand you correctly.
You can set any of your pots up to round up your transactions and save the difference :blush:


It’s a very popular idea. One that Monzo offers. :+1:

Yup Monzo has this!

Go to the Account tab, swipe left and click Create Pot. You’ll see an option called “Round up transactions”. Turn that on et voila!

I’ve got £10 over the last two weeks.

Found it, thanks!!