An alternative Round Ups feature, where instead the money 'saved' is a fixed amount?

I love the round ups feature, it’s a really fun and interactive way to add money to saving pots. However, I always feel underwhelmed when a X.99 purchases only stores me a penny, or even more underwhelming when my daily £3 meal deal from Tesco, stores no money away for me at all!

I propose a ‘fixed round ups’ feature (obviously this feature would need a more descriptive name). For example if I set my fixed amount to 50p, which every purchase I make, 50p is placed into my savings pot!

Common daily purchases are often already rounded to the closest pound (like the Tesco meal deal). The proposed feature gives people more control on how they can save their money :slight_smile:

I think this is a good simple idea, that could quickly become more complex. And I’m sure it’s been brought up before.

Ultimately the round up feature would need to become fully customisable to be either
a. Round up to nearest pound
b. Move Xp after every transaction

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