Customisability for Round up transactions

Hi everyone,

I recently started playing with the “Round up transactions” feature on pots. I think it’s an awesome way to save without really thinking about it, but I did notice that my balance seemed to disappear way too fast. I had a little look and realised that it was rounding up almost a whole pound on many of my purchases, so like £2.20 became £3.00 - 80p

I don’t know about anyone else but when I think of rounding up I think anything over the .5 mark. £2.55 becomes £3.00 but £2.45 doesn’t. Because of this I wasn’t prepared for how much was being potted.

What I would like to see is some basic customisation on how far over the pound you have to be for it to round up and pot the rest.

Does that make sense? What do you guys think?

Cheers :smiley:

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I have the opposite issue. I was with Starling and using their API to do my own rounding. I rounded up to the next pound for transactions up to £30, up to the nearest £5 for transactions up to £75 and nearest £10 for the rest.

I’ve noticed with Monzo you can only go to nearest £1, so my rounding isn’t growing as fast as it did with Starling.

I’m sure something could be done with IFTTT, but I’m trying to stay native where possible

That’s a pretty neat idea too - you’re thinking a lot bigger than I was! But yeah, something along these lines, a way to customise how and when payments are rounded up and potted.

Perhaps I’ll look into IFTTT and whether it can be done with that but like you’d id rather keep it native for now.

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There’s 3 applets in IFTTT - round up to the nearest 10p, 50p, and £1.

Interesting… where can I find out more?

Round up my card purchases to the nearest £1

Round up my card purchases to the nearest 50p

Round up my card purchases to the nearest 10p

Hero… I’ll look into it