Saving to Google Drive

I have been trying to download February’s statement to my Google drive(something I have successfully done before) but to no avail, I tried several times yesterday, again today but no joy,is this a known problem?

Cops can do this for you, if you start a chat.

My statement generator has never worked! :rofl:

I’m assuming you’re on Android?

What happens when you try to export it?

Works for me, (Latest) Android (Latest Beta) App. I export the statement in app then upload it to Google Drive like any file…?

it says “your one file is being uploaded to …” but when I look in the file, there is nothing there, I first tried this yesterday so it shouldnt be a time thing. I last downloaded Monzo statement to Drive on 7th of Feb and all was well.

Oh right. Sounds like a problem with Google Drive/ your phone rather than Monzo.

So you can download it from Monzo but it’s not uploading to Google Drive?

Try deleting the empty file on Drive, force stopping the Drive app, clearing the Drive app cache and restarting your phone. Then try uploading again?

no, it doesnt save to my phone, the only option is to save directly to drive where previous statements had been saved

SORTED! It was my phone that was saving it locally but not to the cloud, dont we all love updates
Thanks everyone for your help


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