Automatically save statements to Google Docs / OneDrive etc

Every few months I go through and download my Monzo bank statements, rename them (so they start YYYY-MM for the period in question), then save them to Google Drive.

It’d be a super useful thing if Monzo could authenticate my Google details and automate this for me - naming statements properly then saving then to the cloud storage provider of my choice once the month is up (or maybe waiting, I dunno, a week or so if there are unsettled transactions*).

At the minimum, it would be great to have this date issue fixed, and a bulk download option. It’s all a bit time-consuming at the moment. :pensive:


I’m with you man, it’d be amazing if it could be linked with ifttt as I know google docs are there.

On 1st of the month, download last months statement and save to google docs.

I also find the date issue a bit of a pain, I assume it was easier to code it to be the date it is requested rather than the date of the contents (just a guess).

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This is one of the places where I wish Monzo would do a bit better. Thinking this sort of thing out (the naming thing) when doing the original implementation would have been perfectly possible and - without knowing the details - probably only marginally more difficult to implement (if, indeed, it’s more difficult at all).

Sometimes I think things are almost there, but could be pushed just that little further to move from great to absolute delight.


Which bit do you want automated the email to drive?

Can you rephrase that? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Essentially, I’d like my statements automatically saved on my Google Drive, with sensible names.

What I mean are you, fine with doing the request in App(for the statement) . As I might be able to create something that takes the email from Monzo renames it and then puts it into a GD drive folder(I’ll have an investigate and get back to you)

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Ah that sounds interesting… Thanks for the investigation!

Its Sunday and it gives me something productive to do :slight_smile:


I have one but I’m not sure how useful it as the file name will still have to be changed every month
Also only available as CSV as Monzo doesn’t email the PDF over

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Never mind - but thanks for having a think.

Another candidate to be able to write code / extensions for Monzo though:

I just think their IFTTT needs a full rethink or let members of the community write triggers(members of the community that are fully trained programmers) because at the moment for all they talk about integrations its not really


There’s nothing wrong with IFTTT, but I’d really prefer native functionality - and deeper, Monzo curated, code/add-ons.

But that’s for discussion over here!

(But yes, I’d take IFTTT for statements, but would much prefer a direct integration in the app).

Is this more like what you want?