Automatically save statements in Google Drive (or cloud provider of choice)

I keep my bank statements from various providers filed on Google Drive.

OneDox has a great feature where they will integrate with Drive (or other providers) and save your bills there automatically.

It’d be great if Monzo could automatically save my statements to Google Drive (with my permission / authorisation, of course). It’d make my filing much easier!

I’d be happy with this if the formatting of the exported statements is sorted out. Right now, the CSV is not immediately usable.

Great idea. Even if just PDF format. I do this manually with all other statements from financial services so to have Monzo auto-upload statements to a specified area in GDrive would be a time-saver.


Brilliant idea

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I do the same with all my bills and statements. I also used Onedox until they started charging recently :confused:


Ditto. I know they have to make money and it was a great service, but to go to a charge for service after it being free [whilst not being overtly freemium] was always going to kill it in my view. R-

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This is a really bright idea! Can’t believe it hasn’t come up before!


Love this!

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Side question: How long do you keep bank statements for and how often do you go back and refer to them?

About 10 minutes.


They are all online with FD if I need them.


For my business accounts I have all 10 years of bank statements and credit card statements :grin:

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And for personal?

So you wouldn’t use this feature? I’m confused. You are either keeping the PDFs (which are ‘online’) for some reason, or not?

I think you know the answer to that :wink::sweat_smile:

I really don’t. It’s kinda why I’m asking.

I don’t know why I’d want to save and look back over old bank statements this (or any other) way, so I’m wondering why people think this is a good idea.

I was being funny :grin:

I don’t keep them, mostly because I have to manually download them, so to have it done for me would solve the lazy problem.

For my personal accounts, I have had no need to but for my business I have had situations where I have had to go back years to look at things. Just because this hasn’t happened in my personal accounts doesn’t mean it won’t.

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OK, for business accounts, great.

But for personal accounts, I’ve only needed copies of bank statements once in the past… 10 years? And they had to printed and stamped by the bank anyway so this wouldn’t help in that instance.

Just sounds like digital clutter to me, tbh. So looking to understand why this would be a nice thing to have.

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I just like have options really, for me I use Google drive a lot for various documents so bank stuff would be handy.

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Although I think it a good idea - I would have no need for such a system.

For clarity then. I am paperless for my FD accounts but every so often [I suppose there is a rule about it somewhere} they send me paper versions. They go on the fire almost immediately.

Although my statements are on FD’s servers I think I have only referred to them twice since 1989.

I do have Moneydashboard though.


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They have to send you and account summary every year, is that what you’re thinking of? For me it’s three pages showing what charges I’ve accrued through the year, which is always none. So I have this weird itemised list of zero charges :sweat_smile:

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