Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

For everyone requesting access to the Google Spreadsheet I shared? I’ve set it up to be viewable from the link.

So there shouldn’t be any need to request access?


Don’t forget it’s a leap year!

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I should probably update my spreadsheet to account for that.

I say ‘probably’ I won’t actually do that though… :joy:

I know this is an old post but it’s appeared on the blog again:

I liked the idea of these type of saving challenges however I always found that it’s easy in the beginning when it’s only £1 week 1. £2 pound week 2. But towards the ends it’s harder to find £40 to £50 a week to put away so instead I take the amount I want to save and average it out throughout the year.

E.g in your example of 1378. it’s easier to put away a set amount of £26.50 every week which would be the same amount. If you can’t start The year by putting £26.50 away a week from the get go then you definitely won’t be able to do the £40 to £52 a week needed in the months of November and December, especially during Christmas when money is tight.

Using a fixed amount I don’t need to use IFTTT and just set up a scheduled payment to a pot directly from the Monzo app to go out every Monday for 26.50.

The daily one starting at 1p I found it was also easier to average it out at £1.80 a day than start with 1p and towards the end of the year you looking for £3 everyday.

That aside these methods are getting people saving and it’s a good thing.

Or do the 1p/weekly ones in reverse?

Whatever works, all saving is good saving.


Agree there @gmclean. I didn’t quite get myself organised to start 1 Jan - but IFTTT working now and there is a £9 start in the pot. If I can avoid dipping into it I willl have a tidy sum for the festivities.

Do I have to start the IFTTT thing off again in 2021? R-

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I don’t think so, once IFTTT rules are running they won’t stop, so in theory 1p on 1st Jan 2021 will get processed.

In theory…

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Ok. Need to first test my will power in 2020. R-


Lock that pot, hide that pot! (I mean if you are on Android). Clearly those of us on iOS have enough willpower (or we’d be running Android phones ugh… :wink: )


iOS here - but I appreciate the support :innocent:. R-

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Anyones daily one take twice today? :thinking:

A quick note to remind you that you are free to access the Google Spreadsheet I shared here (it needs updated for 2020 being a leap year, I know, I know!) so you don’t need to request access directly, it’s shared via the link (and I don’t tend to grant access to people I don’t ‘know’, just in case).

No it didn’t @nathanthomson8. Did it happen again today? R-

Weirdly no… was just on sunday. Ah well its helped me save an extra 26p!


Mine didn’t but another daily saving integration I have in place via IFTTT worked twice this morning! Bizarre!

I’ve seen a few misses, a few taken at different times, etc. I put it down to part and parcel of relying on an internet connected set of services, one blip somewhere in the myriad of connections is all it takes I guess.

This was taken twice on mine today!

IFTTT confirms it as being ran twice; once at 08:00hrs and again at 08:09hrs, so 62p taken instead of 31p.

Only once for me.

IFTTT isn’t 100% reliable on this kind of thing and it does seem (anecdotally) to be getting worse?

Once for me also - so bang up to date with £4.96.

Are these IFTTT applets [this and Card Purchase] written by Monzo staff or clever people somewhere else?


I don’t think it will be anything to do with how it’s written. It’s more likely the chain of services that it has to pass through that increases the chances of blips happening. Like Chinese whispers :slight_smile:

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