Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge using this chart

We’ve created a post with the 1p Saving Challenge chart in it, so people who want to do the challenge manually can. We’ve added in how to use Monzo to do it too, but we’d like to highlight the chart because it seems that a lot of people are using it!

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Ehhh is that the article you meant to link to?

I was just thinking that too :slight_smile:

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The amount Monzo are pushing this you’d think they’d have done a special type of automatic Pot in app for it (without using IFTTT). :no_mouth:


Or maybe it’s to highlight the IFTTT integration more (which means Monzo don’t have to build things, we’ll build it for them?!) and how the community of users are getting more value from Monzo that way?