Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

Are you trying via the IFTTT app or website?

I’ve tried both now.

Are you using the same email address for IFTTT as you do for Monzo?


Is IFTTT appearing on your permissions? settings>privacy&security>Manage apps?

When i first set up IFTTT i think it took me 3 or 4 goes to get it connected

Yeah :thinking:

I have set it up to do it automatically. Todays is the 1st of Jan and nothing is on my pot.

Is this updating for the leap year?

You’ll need to provide more detail if you’d like anyone to help, otherwise we won’t know where to start.

Yes, it will run everyday so it’ll be an extra £3.66 saved by the end of the year

I’m not sure about the regular 1p challenge, but the reverse only transferred £3.65 today so I just added another £3.66 myself :sweat_smile:


I set up the weekly challenge today via IFTTT, does anyone know when the first payment of £1 drops into my created pot?! Is there a set day it lands?

it should be on Monday

Thanks for the reply :wink: just have to wait until Monday then :blush:

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I set up incorrectly last year and the first week’s didnt work, which is why i said ‘should be’ :joy:

Rest of the year i had the notification every Monday at exactly 8am

Hey - really small minor thing for the 1p and reverse 1p challenge setups. This year is a leap year - so will that affect which option pays more into your saving pot? The ‘reverse’ one would pay in a higher amount on the 29th Feb than the ‘standard’ one although it might all balance out anyway eventually?

For those of you participating, genuinely interested why you don’t just save £55 every month? What’s the appeal of the daily system?

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You don’t notice it as much when it’s coming out daily


Also… I found that towards the end of the month it was a bit hit or miss whether I’d be able to make the payments due to lack of funds.

Since this is taken daily I still racked up some savings from earlier in the month as opposed to the entire £55 failing because it was being taken in one big lump.


Partially for me because at least for the first half of the year I won’t notice the money coming out, so it’s additional savings.