Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

No I don’t either - I just wondered from where did these things materialise. R-

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This is a great idea!

I wonder how many people have now deleted their regular pots and created a new savings pot for this :joy:

Monzo really should allow you to convert pots to savings pots

Vote here if you want it to happen:

I’m opening up an old thread here but IFTTT are moving to more of a pro model this week and this may impact people using this.

Can Monzo implement this directly?

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So my IFTTT integration may have stopped for this 1p savings challenge? is this because of the move to the pro model by IFTTT? Has anyone experienced this issue? It was doing it up until yesterday and today I didn’t get charged!

If it is because of the IFTTT pro model, you should be able to see in the “Your applets” section of IFTTT which ones are active and which ones are archived.

Although, I’m lead to believe since the 1p challenge is a published applet by monzo, it should not be affected.


I had a look, looks like I am still under the 3 applet quote before I have have to go ‘Pro’. Was a bit strange that my 1p challenge didn’t work today, maybe a small hiccup. Never had an issue with it in the last 1.5 years I’ve been using it

I did it :partying_face: Today I completed the 1p Saving Challenge for 2020; ending the year with £671.61! Big thanks to @bea for her blog that inspired me to do so, and because of :monzo: - I’ll be starting off 2021 by paying a huge chunk off my credit card balance!

Sure, the global pandemic might’ve meant I couldn’t spend my money as freely as I normally would, but I’m looking past that and seeing it as a positive :wink:

I’ve always struggled to save money in the past, so I feel really good about starting the year with a much lower :credit_card: balance. I’m now set up to do the £1 Weekly Challenge in 2021, so looking forward to seeing how that goes! Happy New Year all :clinking_glasses:


@rickyzalman - I wish you the best of luck with it. I started the same challenge this year and was amazed at how little I missed the cash throughout the year. Doing the reverse one as well in 2021 … :crossed_fingers:. R-

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Thanks very much @RogerB - hope it goes well for you! Best wishes :clinking_glasses:

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I managed it as well! I give monzo full credit for being able to save this year.


Well done to you all. Even though it is automated it still takes a lot of willpower not to pilfer the pot for a whole year.

I failed the challenge pretty quickly. Our cash flow is tight as it is but when i was faced with paying interest on a card (end of interest free term) i had to raid it!

I am guessing i am not alone due to the dozens of posters at the start of the challenge and the handful celebrating at the end :grin:

Happy new year and good luck to those doing this challenge in 2021! :partying_face:


I’m giving it a shot this year. Got to use my :monzo: Personal account for something…


I want to, but my account not being rounded?! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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It took me a very long time to be able to see an unrounded balance and not move money to a pot to round it :sweat_smile:

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How did you do?

I managed a full 2021, so I’ve got £668 stashed away now - and it’s already rolled over and put £0.01 into the (now unlocked) pot today.

I think I’ll move the savings to a more rewarding place, lock the 1p pot again and just let it run for 2022


Just started mine for this year don’t know if I want loads of daily transactions in my fees tho

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Me too, I just moved 667.21 over to my Marcus and I’m now starting again :slightly_smiling_face: