Savings challenges

Joined monzo a few months ago and absolutely in love with it and how easy it is to use/budget and save. As someone who is an avid saver is there any chance of there being an option of setting savings challenges such as the 1p challenge… 365 day target… 1st day…1p. 2nd day 2p… 3rd day 3p and so on all the way to 365… and for it to be set to come out of your current account automatically this way a pot can be set up and forgotten about and at the end of the year you can save well over £600… please make this a thing! Also the option for setting challenges and you can receive stickers for doing so… making banking fun!

Using IFTTT and Monzo this exists

Other savings challenges are available. There aren’t stickers though, just a big pot of money at the end of the year

I’m assuming there couldn’t be a way for monzo alone to do this on the app? Seems a lot of effort setting it up through IFTTT etc as opposed to clicking a button on the app?
Cheers! :slight_smile:

It takes minutes to set up your account, probably just as quick to join and post here.

I doubt that they would do it in house when the IFTTT integration works so well

Depends how you define too much effort. A couple of minutes and taps on an app vs running a marathon or climbing Everest

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:joy::joy: cheers folks! I’ll check it out! :smiley:

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