Save £667.95 a year with the 1p Saving Challenge

Mine was 1.85

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Thanks mate. And the total? If you started January 1st?

No I just started last month. Also got the weather applet on. Quite a few pounds went in last week but that is probably summer finished with now. Rounds up also.

I thought the 1p savings applet would start at 1p from the day you switch it on and work for 365 days. Didn’t know it was based on calendar year.

£172.05 :slight_smile:

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£175.78 today

Ready to go again tomorrow?

Here is my spreadsheet, two tabs to show how it works (reverse version as well).


Does it reset and continue automatically or do we need to sign up again?

My £1 challenge one reset and went back to £1 on Monday, so would expect the 1p one to keep going too.

I became impatient for this year’s challeng and transferred the amount to top it up to £667.95 at the start of December!

Mainly so I could buy some fancy Christmas / going out clothes (and I treated myself to a Sonos Beam :smirk:).

All set to start again tomorrow!

I’ll be doing it this year.

Should make it easier because I can now hide the pot :raised_hands: :tada:

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Start the year off with a £10 pot to earn some interest as well.

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Doing this for the first time :grin: Reverse 1p for me, not sure how I’ll find the first 3 months while I’m on maternity leave, but I’m giving it a go nonetheless! I’ll be pretty chuffed if I end the year with ~£700 saved. No idea what I’d spend it on though :see_no_evil:

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Can this be paid into a third party savings account like paragon to earn interest?


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Im going for it this year!

Am I right in remembering that this wont run if you’re in your overdraft OR it would take you into your overdraft?

All setup and ready for tomorrow

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Any chance this will work with joint accounts in the future. We do not use our individual accounts. Thanks

I’m also waiting for this to be available for joint accounts. I imagine loads of households use their joint account as the primary account!

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We don’t. :slight_smile:

There are no announced plans for IFTTT to support joint accounts.