Save £667.95 a year with the Reverse 1p Saving Challenge

In case you missed it, we’ve set up a group for people doing the 1p Saving Challenge

And we’ve seen a few people in the group discussing doing it backwards, so it gets easier over time (and the big amounts don’t coincide with Christmas).

So we put this post together to explain how it works :slight_smile:


Hi bea. I’ve stared this but the savings has started at £2.09 :frowning: not £3.65

That’s because that is how far through the year you are. It starts first of Jan. Not the day you yourself physically start it.

Does it roll over?

It restarts at the beginning of the year.

If you wanted to “catch-up” here is a post in one of the other 1p challenge threads - it’s a photo of all the days, what you put in on that day and what you would have amassed so far if you had done it from day 1.

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