1p Savings Challenge IFTTT

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If I wanted to start the 1p savings challenge with IFTTT today, would it put 1p in today or would it put in 81p as it’s the 81st day?

Hope someone can answer :blush:


Hi Sam,

If you started today you would have to manually put 81p into the pot then from tomorrow onwards IFTTT would automatically move the money.

If you wanted to start like you started from 1st January this year then you could move £33.21 into the pot. I did this yesterday and saw the 81p move across today.

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Thank you! :blush::raising_hand_man:t2:

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Has anybody done the workings for how much is required to be saved each month?

It’d be helpful for budgeting purposes.

Not exactly what you’re asking for but this might help:


Yeah that helps

Basically want to know how much to save on a monthly basis to reach the goal rather than daily

Looking at that image I posted you’ll probably just have to spend a few minutes working it out.

If you do the maths please share as I’d be interested to know. I’d do it myself but I’m supposed to be working and I’m kinda lazy… :wink:

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Yeah image is great, thanks

I’m tempted to just divide the total by 12 :joy:

I mean… that would give you a rough guide to what you’ll be saving, depends if you wanted the exact numbers or not.

I found another image that might be easier on the eyes and help you out more, see here.

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Is everyone running it for the whole year? Or until a specified date?

I’m probably going to bow out around black Friday as this is what I’m using the 1p savings challenge for - just before it gets a bit hefty at £3+ a day - should have around £500 in the pot by then.

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I started yesterday but I’m acting like I started from the 1st January 2019 (by moving the missed payments) and I’ve locked my pot until 1st January 2020. I’m not saving for anything, just wanted to see if I could do it.

I do agree though, once I hit the £3+ daily savings it’s going to be tough! :laughing:

I guess it is the nature of the challenge but by November I would’ve done 3/4s if not more of the challenge and I wouldn’t move that sort of money off my own back - having it automated and only £1 odd a day means I don’t “miss it” and have a nice kitty to go shopping with!

Month 1: £4.96
Month 2: £12.74
Month 3: £23.25
Month 4: £31.65
Month 5: £42.16
Month 6: £49.95
Month 7: £61.07
Month 8: £70.68
Month 9: £77.55
Month 10: £89.59
Month 11: £95.85
Month 12: £108.50

Or £55.66 on average each month


I commend you for your efforts! :money_mouth_face:


No problem! I do love my spreadsheets.


All year for me, locked pot. Like @Tunny I’m just doing it to see if I can! Plus a wee post Xmas bump will be welcomed!

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I look forward to us both sticking to it and being a little bit richer come the end of the year! :slight_smile:

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It’d be great if Summary accounted for this

If you go onto “Account” it will actually tell you how much you have total in all your pots and main account