Saturday Payday (25th)

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Due to get my universal credit paid into my Monzo on the 25th (Saturday), from what I’ve read on this forum that should have gone in by now as it’s paid on a Friday when the 25th is a weekend. Any ideas what could be going on?

I think Universal Credit is paid by BACS (the slower 3-day payment system, but i could be wrong), so this depends when they started the payment. It may be you will be able to use “get paid early” tomorrow to get your universal credit, you have to wait and see. If UC is Faster Payments, it’ll be Saturday.

Best would be asking Universal Credit when it’s due to appear in your bank.

Hey Kenny, thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile:

UC is BACs - with Barclays when it fell on a weekend I’d get paid at it turned midnight Friday, would I have to wait until 4pm Friday?

If you don’t have anything at the top of the app today to say it’ll be paid tomorrow, then it’s likely you can get it tomorrow at 4pm. It depends if UC have done the right thing and actually sent the money on time (I’ve known them to be pretty incapable)

Saturday universal credit should be paid on Friday, so it should be available now in your monzo account

Check your universal credit online to see if they’ve changed your pay date

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Cheers, I’ll check again tomorrow! :slight_smile:

No dice unfortunately:

Contact Monzo support and ask them if they can see the payment coming in

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Could well be a payment failure there’s been a few of them flagged up this week by an automated scan which has then been corrected, if it’s not in tomorrow then it’s gonna have to be a phone call and message in journal

BACS doesn’t get paid on Saturday or Sunday, it’s the working day before or after. Benefits usually pay the working day before so it’s due on Friday

Of uc pay date falls on a Saturday, then it should be paid on Friday, but with monzo you should be able to get it on Thursday. 4pm
I know this for a fact as I get uc myself

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