Early payment dates

Does anybody know when I will receive my payment early if I’m due to be paid at midnight on the 25th (Wednesday night) so I would see it usually on the 26th morning. When will it come in early? Tuesday 24th 4pm or 25th at 4pm?

Are you actually paid at midnight?

If you’re due to be paid on Thursday, you’ll see the payment in your account on Wednesday at 9AM (greyed out) and then by 4PM you’ll be able to click it and get paid early.

This is only if you’re paid via BACS.

Yes It comes in from universal credit at exactly midnight Wednesday night. Does that mean I’ll get it Wednesday at 4pm instead of midnight? So not Tuesday?

Yes I am paid by Bacs. Last month (which was the first month I’ve used Monzo) I was due to be paid on Monday 26th and it arrived on Friday at 4pm. This is why I’m confused about this months pay.

If you were due to be paid on 26th and got it on the Friday, that’s effectively the day before.

So it will follow that same pattern I would have thought.

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As always the working day before

Don’t stress about it and never plan your money around the pay early feature. There are many things that could cause it to not happen and Monzo have a disclaimer that they can pull it at anytime.

Only once it has passed your “normal” pay date should you be concerned.


Thank you everyone. Big help :slight_smile:

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Working Day’ is important here. Factor in bank holidays too - for example, if you are to be paid on December 29th this year (via BACS) - you’ll be able to claim on Xmas Eve which is 5 days earlier :partying_face: :christmas_tree::santa::gift::snowman_with_snow:

Broken down as:

  • Usually paid via BACS on 29th, can claim early on Monday 28th
  • Monday 28th is a substitute bank holiday for Boxing Day (which falls on a Saturday), so can claim on Friday 25th
  • Friday 25th is Xmas Day, so can claim on Thursday 24th

And a wonderful Xmas is had by all* :tada:

*Faster Payments excluded. Spend responsibly. Other religious Holidays available.


I’m saving that post because in 4 weeks time that will be asked multiple times!


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