Salary sorter


With the new update came salary sorter when you get paid early. I had a bug getting paid early and the amount didn’t appear until few hours later but it appeared in the end however when I try the new feature I get there was a problem error. See the attache screenshot.


There were some issues so they’ve had to turn the feature off temporarily.

Tested by the same 5 people they asked for Plus feedback? :wink:


As per the above post by @kolok - we found a few issues with the Sorter so it’s temporarily disabled, it’ll be back soon! :hot_coral_heart:


I tried this tonight but I noticed the wrong amounts had gone in so I deleted the pots - is this a once off as I can’t find Salary Sorter again. Or is it going to be an option next month?

You can use salary sorter once and then it goes until the next payment

What do you mean the wrong amounts had gone in? It put in different amounts than you’d said? Why delete the pots?

I sorted it - I’m leaving Monzo anyway they are a bunch of you know whats


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This user is suspended.

That escalated quickly!

To be fair it was slightly less dramatic than normal but still… didn’t see that coming :laughing: