Salary Sorter - Ideas and Updates

Hi everyone,

I set up salary sorter around a month ago - just after my last monthly salary. However, there’s some things I think could be improved.

As it stands - lifted from monzo support chat:

Blockquote Salary Sorter is only available for up to 72 hours from when you first receive the payment over £100.

What would be great is a tab or feature that would let me check on this or edit how the salary sorter is set up, at any time, rather than it disappearing after 72 hrs.

I also have an issue with it as it currently stands… my work pay my salary and my expense claims from the same account (the exact same payee account). I have an expense for a recent work trip coming in soon, over £100, which will then be sorted automatically with salary sorter as it’s triggered at any amount over £100 from the payee you set up with. This, all my expenses over £100 will be sorted :sob:

What’s everyone else’s thoughts? Have you enjoyed salary sorter so far? Is there anything you’d like to see in future with it?


Salary sorter is manual so no need to worry on that front :slight_smile:


+1 to this, for sure.

Combine this with some flavour of Incoming salary as a trigger for actions / income trigger would also be super, so it could be manual or automated.

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