New Full Monzo customer- Early Salary question

1st time post so hello, please be gentle.
I have gone full Monzo recently and have just had my salary paid for the 1st time and I have selected the get paid early option.
The balance hasn’t updated- is this normal.
I had 2 pots set up with money in both, they seem to have disappeared? Is this normal, how can I get them back please?

I just tried it as well and nothing happened, my balance is still the same despite it saying that it was successful

Same here, my pots have just disappeared with all my savings as well

I think this is a very common payday so the app is on the go-slow. Mine hasn’t worked either and keeps blaming my internet connection.

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Glad to see it isn’t just me, my balance has now updated, just the pot issue now.
Hope all is ok.

Mine is stuck too, reboot my phone and logging with COP’s as well…

It looks Monzo servers are overloaded.
Balance updated 15 mins ago…
And my app crashed few times today

Same issue here

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yeah this too, I have reported this to Monzo as well.

The option to get paid early has now disappeared entirely from my app

I’m so glad this isn’t just me! I transferred it and it says I stil have my old balance but when I press to view my joint account and personal account it says my pay is in there? I also transferred money to my joint account and it hasn’t gone through!

Sweet, mine just came through.

EDIT: or rather, the transaction has… balance hasn’t changed…

I received money and balance was updated. Sorted?

Mine all fine now. Balance updated and pots back.

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