Salary sorter not working

H, I set the salary sorter last month. Why did it not sort it automatically for this month?

It doesn’t do it automatically (yet), you still have to select that payment and sort.


Because it’s not designed to.

At the minute, it will allow you start your new sort from the balances used for the previous sort but it’s still a manual process.

Doesn’t this make it kinda pointless?

I have two SO’s setup that sort my salary into savings & bills automatically month to month with my legacy bank. What does this offer that I don’t have with that?

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From what I read on here, some peoples salary varies so they can quickly adjust how their money is distributed all on the one screen.

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That makes sense, and I can see the benefit in that case

Just wondered :slight_smile:

I’m the same as you, would much rather it is automated - hopefully that option comes :soon:


For some people, sure. But that’s true of everything on offer, isn’t it?

I’m not sure it’s been made 100% clear, but it will remember the numbers you used last month, so although it isn’t automatic it is very quick the next month.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason it isn’t automatic is due to what happens if your salary isn’t the same. If you are paid less, who’s fault is it if your bills aren’t paid because there was less in a specific pot than you expected and it wasn’t covered by your main balance? I think by making it a manual process, Monzo are making it clear that it is your responsibility to be aware of how much is going in your pots each month.

I think this is the reason.

And what about when my quarterly bill comes out, so I would normally adjust my bills pot but Monzo did it for me and didn’t adjust, just did the same as last month?

I think it should give you a notification that you’ve been paid that it does, when you open the app “This is how you sorted last month, would you like to do that again?” and then you get a chance to double check it all.

It’s hardly a painful experience to do it this way.

This is what happens? Oh, except without the notification part. I can live without that.

On a separate note, I have two bills pots - one for monthly bills and one for annual and quarterly bills. I calculate how much my annual/quarterly bills cost per month and put that aside using salary sorter. It helps keep my disposable income even over the year.

I wasn’t sure if you get the prompt or not as I’m always jumping on the ‘get paid early’ button and then do it at the same time.

Me too! :see_no_evil:

I’ve used the salary sorter every month for the past three months but every time I get paid and click on sort salary, I have to manually re-enter the amounts for each pot - salary sorter does not remember them from the previous use…?

The amounts for each pot are the same every month, and I get paid exactly the same amount on the same day every month

The first time it happened I thought I must have accidentally forgotten to click remember sort (even though I was pretty sure I did). I made sure to click it the second and third time but then just the same old story the next month - it still doesn’t remember the amounts!

Doesn’t make any sense to me to use salary sorter just to manually enter the amounts again, it is as much work as it is to just manually sort it myself

I would raise it with support chat, it is meant to remember

Especially if it is the same amount


Mine has always remebered the sorts (when enabled) for multiple incomings at different stages in a Summary period, so it may be something to do with your configuration (likely at the Monzo end) so it’s worth contacting Monzo support via chat.

Out of curiosity - iOS or Android?

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