Salary sorter in review (2022 edition)

Over in the Starling topic (!) a few of us have been discussing salary sorter and ideas for improvement.

Here’s what I said over there:

Salary sorter really needs a bit of an overhaul. In my view:

  • it needs to be optionally automatic
  • it should allow for percentage transfers…
  • … and to external accounts
  • and to keep pots at a certain value

Now we’ve had the sorter for a good few years (?) I think it’s worthwhile reflecting on it and what works and what doesn’t.



Space for a potential poll (because I’m a parody of myself).


Agree with all of your suggestions above.

On the automatic point, even a notification to approve/deny (like the 3DS ones) would speed the process up whilst still allowing Monzo to point to authorisation of any transfers.

Slight side-point but I would say that most ‘issues’ we have with Monzo are centred around inconsistencies and lack of cohesion between different features.

So if salary sorter were ever improved, I would hope for overall improvements to salary tracking too, the clearest one being the ability for trends/summary periods to be reset alongside summary payments.


Until you can manually amend it ANY time of the month and not just on pay day, this feature is of no use to me.

Instead I have about 13 schedule payments that I CAN amend any time, if necessary.


Once an incoming payment is showing, you should be able to sort the sort.


I agree. I looked at it for 30 seconds but I already had everything automated for my payday so would be more effort to unravel that and use salary sorter which does less than my current process!


Picking up on this a little… I have lots of SOs I can amend as well.

But it absolutely infuriates me that scheduled pot payments can’t be amended!


Can it?

True story: I was all over salary sorter before it launched. Then the first month it crashed on me: horribly and repeatably. And then, for all the reasons folk mentioned above, I just went to scheduled standing orders (which sometimes left a day or two after payday because Monzo doesn’t have sophisticated enough standing order scheduling for my needs). Anyway, this month was the first time I used salary sorter again - but I think it was only available after I’d been paid early. And after I tapped on ‘save’ I realised that I’ve forgotten one payment which I had to do manually and couldn’t then add to my saved sort for next month. Then I manually changed all my standing orders to skip this month and go out next in case I don’t want to do the manual thing. But my ‘last day of month’ standing order didn’t really work, because February has 28 days, so I had to move them to March, then duplicate for February.

It doesn’t have to be like this. First startup to automate this wins my heart.


Not until the money is in your account.

My issue with standing orders or transfers is for what date do I do it? I get paid on the 21st, so I’ll usually take it on be 20th. But if it’s a weekend I could have it on the 18th.

I could do 22nd but I want it all sorted before then.

Salary sorter works fine for me. I tap the payment and everything has moved 2 mins after I’ve claimed my payment.

I would like to be able to pre-sort, but that’s only a minor change.


Yeah that’s the issue for me, too.

I’d quite like some advanced features on standing orders (last working day of the month, x days before the end of the month etc), as well as my holy grail of a rules-based transfer (IF I receive a payment from MY EMPLOYER between THESE DATES and between THESE VALUES then move £x to Y pot). I’m going to trial salary sorter for a few months and see how much an issue the manual thing is.

(I still think it’s a no-brainer to bundle an automated version into paid accounts, but what do I know?!)


I can amend mine on Android.

Are you iOS, by chance, and has that app not got this update yet?

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Was about to angrily say I didn’t have that on android… But after a quick check I do! When did that happen??

Nearly 2.4 years, I make it:

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I am iOS indeed. But yeah, no ability here sadly.

Personally not fussed about having it be automatic there is something nice at being able to see what’s going where once a month as you press the button but that’s just me. What I really miss is it showing the estimate amount for my bills pot! That was the best part of the feature.


Could you expand on this? If you tap into the details of a bills pot it tells you how much you need to have in it. Did you used to be able to automate the transfer via the bills pot?

Do you mean while your doing a salary sort? I can’t check it right now but what I meant is it used to put the “left to pay” value you see on the manage tab of a pot underneath the pot name in the sorter so it was right there as you were sorting

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Ah, I see what up mean now. I didn’t realise it did this - that seems like a Good Thing.

I meant outside of salary sorter, if you tap into a bills pot and go to Manage you’ll get a figure of how much is required that month (and to top it up if necessary).

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Is there a “sweep left over money” feature in monzo yet?
Every month I think I don’t know how much to put in my pots because I don’t know what’s left over”
Is this where that functionality should exist?

It does get more complicated if you’re not paid just once a month.

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Also yeah not being able to do it after 72 hours is frustrating, just realised I missed mine and now need to go add money to loads of pots