Salary Sorter - Rounding Up To Nearest Pound

Issue: Previously when using Salary Sorter it was possible to split bills by fractions of pounds (e.g. £5.50 to Pot 1, £23.79 to Pot 2 etc.).

This was perfect for splitting into Pots where I had exact amount coming out regularly.

It appears that sometime between last payday and today, this has now changed so you can only Sort your salary at the whole pound level (e.g. £3.49 gets rounded down to £3, and £3.51 gets rounded up to £4. Anything less than 50p gets rounded down to £0).

This means that I now have to put more than I need into each pot, then manually go and remove all the “extra”. While it’s not a huge deal, it’s an inconvenience that wasn’t there before and was working fine until recently. It’s essentially rendered this feature more effort than it’s worth so I now have to revert to maintaining a collection of scheduled pot transfers like I did prior to Salary Sorter.

Details to reproduce: Get paid, launch Salary Sorted, attempt to put £3.49 into a pot
OS: iOS 13.3.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 3.21.0


Hmmmm. Rounding up I can sort of understand. Why would Monzo begin to round down on budgeting decisions customers make? If you need £xx.49 moved into a Pot, then it doesn’t help that the 49p doesn’t get moved. Weird.

Thanks for flagging, this is a bug.

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Great! Thanks! :+1:

… and @ynzc already fixed it :raised_hands:
The fix will hit the app store next week :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the quick turnaround on this one!