[iOS] Round up to savings pot not working

I’ve configured the app so that transactions are rounded up and are paid into a savings pot. I made a transaction earlier today, but the difference did not get rounded up. I also had the same problem a few weeks ago. Generally the feature works fine.

Have you checked that it’s still enabled on the pot? There was a bug where it would randomly turn off again.

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I also noticed an issue over the weekend where the Monzo app would be delayed in applying the round up. The transaction appeared without it and later when I checked, it had ‘appeared’.


I had exactly the same - delayed roundups. Haven’t made any purchases yesterday or today so not sure if it’s still happening.

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Also bare in mind that there is a minimum amount needed to be spent in order for it to round up and it can’t take you into your overdraft either :slight_smile:

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I’ve just noticed this today. It’s still ostensibly enabled. I’ll try disabling and reenabling.

It works fine for me using iOS9 on iphone 5

It does seem to take about 5mins to actually update even using mobile data and wifi.

I did a little shop this morning and didnt re check the Monzo account till just now not showing as rounded up but refreshed and then showed as being rounded up this is also on a Joint Acocunt :wink:

I updated to 2.31.0 today (iPhone X, iOS 12.1.2) and roundups are still delayed for me by approx 5 mins.

After updating the app today roundups seem to be getting delayed again (15 mins), anyone else noticed this?
iOS 12.1.4
iPhone X

No signal/data speed issues.

How much was the transaction? It doesn’t seem to work on anything under £1 unfortunately.

It wasn’t under £1 :blush:

I’m having exactly the same issue as people here. Any idea what the minimum amount is? I have plenty of funds that would cover the rounding up? Thanks.

Same issue here. Roundup didn’t work this morning confirmed it’s turned on in app

This morning the roundup was back to being immediate again for me (yesterday evening 15 min delay), so must be an intermittent issue.

@kieranmch confirmed issue is to be fixed today

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Problem solved, direct from Monzo! They said, “Any time you make a card purchase over £1, we’ll automatically round up the amount and move the pennies into your chosen pot, as long as your balance is more than £10! We won’t round up if your balance is below £10 as we wouldn’t want to put our customers in a difficult position at all.”