Saving Pot modifications

Hello, I am currently a student who uses the Monzo card to help budget and save. The saving pot is a great idea, however, if I pay £1.05, the pot rounds it up to £2. This makes the cheap items more expensive.

If you could set a bar/limit to how much money goes into the saving pot? For example; if I set the pot to activate when it’s over a 50p threshold. Example: I pay £1.55, it rounds it up to £2. But if it were £1.05, it stays as £1.05?

Just an idea as us students have little money and so having the cheap items such as bread and milk become more expansive will drain the main accounts money, ultimately resorting to transferring money back from the pot into the main account to then spend?

Thanks for reading!


try the IFTTT applet from Monzo that rounds up purchases to the nearest 50p or to the nearest 10p ?

What’s that? Apologies. Thanks for the reply!

If you search google for IFTTT , sign up, and then activate either the 50p or 10p round up in the Monzo applets it will automatically round up your purchase to the nearest 50p , 10p or they have one to the nearest £1


Thank you for the help!

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